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First book signing, like, ever!

Sorry I've been slacking on the "update" front. I'm a flawed being. I owe the world many apologies. The first one goes to you. You, reading this, right now. Sorry.

Moving on! Among the drudgery consuming my life, there has been delightful pockets of wonder. The first of these I shall report is my first book signing! Yay! Finally! How long has this quest been? Well accomplished, Emily. It was a grand event, and a fairly good turn out for an unknown author entity. I read from The Island of Lote, sold books, signed books, and even a few posters. Life was good at that moment, friends. Let me share some pictures with you.


This is the super amazing giant television that my wonderful librarians allowed me to hook up my tiny laptop to. I was able to play all the book trailer at a size that would make your eyes explode. And be happy about it.


Entry way. With all those cute rows of chairs, waiting patiently for occupents. Note the pile of brocures off to the side.



On top, all my beautiful books, waiting to be sold and loved. Below, my awesome table set up, complete with real little palm tree and feathery pen. The notebook by the computer is the original, hand-written copy of The Island of Lote.


Sign out front! Look at that snow. Yech.


Me, reading from the book.

2013-08-14 04.43.10.jpg
2013-08-14 04.42.04.jpg
2013-08-14 04.43.05.jpg
2013-08-14 04.42.54.jpg
2013-08-14 04.42.37.jpg

Such a lovely group came out to support. :) Everyone was so enthusiastic.


Me and my mommy. Proud parent, right there.


And the newspaper has been conquered! Huzzah!

So much fun. See you at the next one?

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