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About Me

​        Emily Trina Kinney was born September 7th, 1990, in Bath, Maine. She grew up in the woods of Limerick, Maine, surrounded by open fields, hills, and trees, of course. Right from the beginning, Emily was anxious to be different. She vehemently did not want to be like everyone else. This desire was perhaps the catalyst for the inner growth of a deep, abiding oddness. Or, perhaps she was simply born with it, which is entirely plausible.

          Emily loved constructing stories in her head, at first merely for entertainment. She would take a story she already knew and reshape it, making the characters and settings do what she wanted. Most nights, she would lie awake in bed, imagining.

         At an early age, Emily developed an ardent love for reading and books. She first expressed interest in the career of writing when she was about four or five. It was in the evening, and her mother was reading to the Kinney kids on the couch. Little Emily, who for some reason understood that books don't just appear out of thin air, they must be created by a person, was watching her mother read the words from the book she held, and thought to herself that it would be cool if it was a book she had written.

        This started, not only an adoration, but also a fascination with books. She began making picture books, telling her mother what to write on each page, because she hadn't yet learned how to write. As Emily aged, she delved into chapter books and attempting to write them. However, she was never able to get past the first couple of chapters. Everything changed when she turned fourteen. Through the encouragement of a beloved teacher, Emily decided she wanted to buckle down and write a complete novel. In November of 2004, the idea for The Island of Lote was born, and in April of 2005, the first draft was finished.

          From there, Emily embarked on a long, strenuous journey to get it published. After many trials, some industrial, others personal, she finally succeeded in 2011. During the years of struggle, she started many more books, and contrived countless more stories, setting herself up for a long, impressive career. Her biggest goal is to become and be recognized as a Master Storyteller. She believes strongly in advancing the craft of literature by innovation and exploration. She does not believe in following trends, or creating them. Other than having a good understanding of the English language and being able to wield words formidibly, Emily's best author assets are her originality and versatility.

           Throughout it all, Emily's relationship with God has been her number one priority. She was raised in a Christian home, went to a Christian school, and attends the Seventh-Day Adventist church in Freeport, Maine. She gives full credit to God for getting published, saying, "With God in charge, I went from waiting six months to hear back from someone, to waiting seven days. And at the end of those seven days, the answer was, Yes."

             Emily is also the creator of the slogan and brand Fueled By Whimsy, and also wrote The Story-Artisan's Creed (to the left). The Creed was written to unite all artists whose work in some way tells a story. It is also for anyone creative and orginal.

          Emily continues to live in Maine with her family, though dreams of touring and making her mark in literature.

The Story-Artisan's Creed​​​​​

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