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Fueled By Whimsy

           Fueled By Whimsy started out as a concept. Emily Kinney wanted something she could shout out, like a slogan or a motto. It became an entire brand idea, where all the products and services would be centered around book themes. From there, it expanded into all things improbable and impratical, but still make you want to believe. The term, fueled by whimsy, is now both an expression of creativity and a sprouting brand name. It has a facebook page, a Pinterest board, and a merch line. It is also the name of Emily Kinney's blog. It encompasses much of what she is doing along side being an author, while also pertaining to her being an author. The slogan is also the last words in The Story-Artisan's Creed, the creed written by Emily Kinney to unite all those in the arts who tell stories and love their craft with a passion. As it says on the facebook page, Fueled By Whimsy is dedicated to all things whimsical, creative, imaginative, and evokes wonder, while representing all thing mysterious, mythical, and magical.

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