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The Island of Lote

         Milo Hestler just wants a break. She's tired of moving all the time, her new home is terrible, and her parents never take her side. When she sees an ad for a summer camp in Australia, it seems like the perfect opportunity for some peace and fun. However, her plans go drastically awry.

        Before reaching Australia, her plane's engines start exploding, forcing her to parachute into the ocean. She winds up stranded on a tropical island, rescued from drowning by a very cute boy who can't speak English. Therefore, strictly by accident, she agrees to marry him. When she learns that she is engaged, Milo is horrified for numerous reasons. One, she is only FOURTEEN! Two, she and the boy, Simon, can't even speak the same language. And three, she doesn't love him. How can she marry someone she does not love?

          But when she insists on breaking the engagement, she is menacingly informed that this is forbidden. This island is governed by certain laws, and everyone, including her, even though she's new, must obey them. Even if through force.

         Milo's outrage turns into a smoldering hatred for Simon, despite the fact he obviously cares a lot for her. Nevertheless, if Milo is going to be miserable, then you'd better believe Simon's going to be, too.

A fantastic read! I think it is wonderful that a book so fantastical can still be filled with realism and basic human emotions. That is the most important quality of a good story and the defining moment for a good storyteller. - Juliet C. Obodo


The second official book trailer for

The Island of Lote.

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